Mark your calendars – the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP) will be holding an in-person conference, including its 4th General Assembly, later this year. The conference will take place from November 6-9, 2023, in Thailand. It will feature guest speakers and workshops on the struggle for human rights in the Philippines, cultural performances, and strategic planning for the future of ICHRP.

In the context of instability and the escalating attacks on political, social, and economic rights, the imperative for solidarity and resistance grows. The path toward peace, human rights, and justice, long established by Filipino people, continues to garner the support of the international community. The conference and 4th General Assembly is an opportunity to seize the moment to collectively educate ourselves on the changing global and domestic context, to assess our strategies over the past 3 years, and to determine our plans to strengthen our solidarity and resistance in the years to come.

More information will come later this month, including travel and registration info.