Prayers For Peace: Easter Monday


April 1, 2024

Over this Easter Weekend, the International Interfaith Network of ICHRP would like to present four Prayers for Peace, which we will publish daily over the weekend. These prayers were submitted by members of the Interfaith Network. They help us reflect on our role as people of faith in the struggle for justice, peace, and human rights in the Philippines.

Today’s prayer was written by Deaconess Sharon McCart of the United Methodist Church

Merciful God, giver of all good gifts,

We come to you to ask for the gift of peace, a true peace, a lasting peace. We are weary of violence and death. Have mercy, God! Teach all people to pursue peace instead of waging war. Teach us how to live together without violence and domination. Lead us in the footsteps of the Prince of Peace until all people live in peace and no one learns war anymore. Have mercy on us and grant us peace! We ask this in the name of the one who was a victim of violence and who also is the source of true peace, your only begotten, Jesus Christ.

Amen and amen.