Saturday, December 9, 2023

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Governments recommend greater respect and guarantees for human rights in the Philippines

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND— Government representatives, speaking at the Third Cycle of the UN Universal Periodic Review, overwhelmingly called for a stop to extrajudicial killings particularly in the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, a greater respect for human rights and the strengthening of mechanisms for the guarantee of human rights in the Philippines.The government representatives of Chile and Canada urged investigations into enforced disappearances, rejection of the lowering of the minimum age for criminal responsibility and the death penalty. They also called for a dismantling of all para-military groups. The Canadian delegation further enjoined the Philippine Government to stop militarization of indigenous communities. Hungary called for the implementation of international instruments that call for a stop to the practice of torture and punishment of perpetrators.

Croatia, along with other countries called for a linking of the rule of law to the economic agenda and to address the impunity with which extra-judicial killings are happening.

Denmark, Poland, Germany and Norway, among others, called for adequate protection for journalists and human rights defenders.

The recommendations made by various countries only indicate that impunity and the grave violations committed against the Filipino people remain unheeded. Thus, the necessity of addressing the issues and recommendations raised by these countries and in the submitted reports of people’s organizations and human rights advocates.


Atty. Ephraim Cortez, secretary general, National Union of Peoples Lawyers ,+639175465798

Jigs Clamor, deputy secretary general, Karapatan and co-heads,

Philippine UPR Watch delegation, +639997721233

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