Program of activities

International Conference for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines

Quezon City, Philippines
19 – 21 July 2013

  1. DAY 1 (Friday, 19 July)
      Moderator: Cristina Palabay, Secretary General, Karapatan (Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights)

      1. 09:00 am: Batingaw, opening song by People’s Chorale
        Introduction of delegations and Conference organizers
        Welcome Address by Rep. Teddy Casiño, Conference Spokesperson
      2. 09:40 am: Keynote addresses
        • Edita Burgos, mother of missing Jonas Burgos, former Chairperson and current Board Member, Desaparecidos
        • Jeanne Mirer, Esq, President, International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL)
      3. 10:30 am: Snacks
      4. 11:00 am: Keynote Address
        On video: Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson, International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS). Neoliberalism and imperialist crisis: impact on human rights and peace
      5. 11:50 am: Medley by People’s Chorale: Do You Hear the People Sing, Bread and Roses, and Tumindig Ka
      6. 12:00 pm: Lunch
      Carmencita Karagdag, Coordinator, Peace for Life

      1. 01:30 pm: PANEL 1. Economic, political and social crisis globally and in the Philippines, and implications on peace and human rights in the Philippines
        • On the deterioration of economic and social conditions in the US and Europe. By Dr. Kathryn Poethig, Assoc. Professor of Global Studies, California State University, Monterey Bay
        • On the crisis in the Middle East. By Rev. David Wildman, Executive Secretary, Human Rights and Racial Justice, and General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church
        • Conditions in Colombia and Latin America. By Rev. Christopher Ferguson, International Coordinator, PEAC (Program of Ecumenical Accompaniment in Colombia)
        • On the global situation and implications on the Philippines. Antonio Tujan, Co-Chairperson, CSO Partnership for Development Effectiveness, and Director, Ibon International
        • Open Forum
      2. 04:00 pm: Video: No Child’s Play by EJ Mijares
      3. 04:30 pm: PANEL 2. US geo-political and military strategies in the Asia-Pacific and the Aquino government’s Oplan Bayanihan

        • On Aquino’s Oplan Bayanihan, US COIN Guide and US pivot to Asia. By Rep. Satur Ocampo, President, Makabayan People’s Coalition, and Bayan Muna party-list Deputy Minority Leader, 14th Congress, House of Representatives
        • Deputy Sheriff – Australia as imperialist subaltern, the Philippine model. By Prof. Gill Boehringer, Expert on contemporary state and corporate abuse of human rights
        • Implications on Oceania and the Philippines. By Len Cooper, Divisional President, Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU)
        • Peaceful development, reunification between the Strait and US intervention. By Kao, Wei-kai, Councilor, Hinchu County, Taiwan, and Member, Labor Party
        • Open Forum
      4. 06:00 pm: Plenary Session ends
      5. 07:00 pm: Dinner
  2. DAY 2 (Saturday, 20 July)
      Moderator: Mervin Toquero, Council Member, Ecumenical Voice

      1. 08:00 am: Keynote: The Human Rights Situation in the Philippines. By Marie Hilao-Enriquez, Chairperson KARAPATAN and SELDA (Association of Ex-detainees Against Detentions and Arrests)
      2. Panel 3. Struggle for just and lasting peace
        • On the South African experience. By Anna Claire Morris, Vice-Chairperson, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers (UK)
        • On the experience in the Middle East. By Azadeh Shahshahani, President, National Lawyers Guild (USA)
        • On the struggles for economic and social rights in the Philippines. By Jose Enrique “Sonny” Africa, Executive Director, IBON Foundation (Philippines)
        • Open Forum
      3. 10:00 am: Snacks
      4. 10:30 am: PANEL 4. Best Practices: International solidarity campaigns

        • Ecumenical Voice’s international lobbying. By Fr. Rex Reyes, General Secretary, National Council of Churchesin the Philippines (NCCP)
        • Canada’s Stop the Killings (STK) campaign. By Kelti Cameron, International Solidarity Officer, CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees)
        • Free the Morong 43 international campaign. By Dr. Julie Caguiat, Director, Community Medicine Foundation; and Co-Spokesperson, Free the Morong 43 Alliance
        • Winning Jose Ma. Sison’s legal battle. By Jan Fermon, Co-Head, Progress Lawyers Network; and Bureau member, IADL
        • Open Forum
      5. 12:00 pm: Lunch 
      Moderator: Renato Reyes, Secretary General, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN, New Patriotic Alliance)

      1. 01:30 pm: PANEL 5. Struggle for national and social liberation

        • Ann-Kristin Kowarsch, Kurdish Women’s Office for Peace (CENI)
        • Prof. Gautam Navlakha, People’s Union for Democratic Rights, India
        • C.P. Gajurel, Member of the Constituent Assembly, Nepal
      2. 03:00 pm: Dance interpretation: Palayain ang Bilanggong Pulitikal (Free Political Prisoners) by KMM (youth cultural group)
      3. 03:10pm:

        • Alberto Ruiz, Civil Rights Committee, Peru
        • Luis G. Jalandoni, Member, National Executive Committee, National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).  (paper to be read by Fidel V. Agcaoili, Member, NDFP Negotiating Panel)
      4. 04:30 pm: Snacks 
      5. 05:00 pm: Summary highlighting discussions and points of agreement. By Dr. Carol Araullo, Chairperson, BAYAN
      6. 05:30 pm: Orientation and preparation for next day’s workshops. Orientation on the SONA rally. 
      7. 06:00 pm: Plenary Session ends
      8. 07:00 pm: Dinner
    3. Evening: General Assembly of the International Coordinating Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICCHRP) 
  3. DAY 3 (Sunday, 21 July)
    1. 08:00 – 10:30 am: Conference workshops
    2. 10:00 Snacks
    3. 11:00 am: PLENARY SESSION: Workshop reports
      Moderator: Maitet Ledesma, IBON International – Brussels
    4. 12:30 pm: Lunch
    5. 02:00 pm: PLENARY SESSION

      1. Conference Declaration to be presented and deliberation. Facilitated by Ma. Teresa Lauron, Chairperson, Asia-Pacific Resource Network
      2. Synthesis of action plans for the next two years. By Dr. Angie Gonzales, ICCHRP
      3. 04:00 pm: Snacks
      4. 04:30 pm: Resolutions

        • Presentation of the newly elected ICCHRP leadership and pertinent results of the General Assembly. By newly elected ICCHRP Chairperson

      5. 05:30 pm: Closing Address. By ICCHRP Chairperson
      6. 05:40 pm: Awit ng Tagumpay (to be sung in 3-4 languages). By People’s Chorale.
      7. 06:00 pm: Conference Adjourns
      8. 07:00 pm: Solidarity Dinner
      9. 08:00 pm: Solidarity Night Cultural Program