Conference for human rights and peace

Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Rights (Karapatan)
Ecumenical Voice for Human Rights & Peace (EcuVoice)
and the International Coordinating Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICCHRP)

in cooperation with

Peace for Life
International League of Peoples’ Struggle

International Conference for Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines

19 – 21 July 2013
Metro Manila, Philippines

The conference will be a gathering of human rights defenders and peace advocates from around the world, aimed at deepening our understanding of the current state of human rights and peace in the Philippines. The conference will also draw up action plans to strengthen international support for the campaign for human rights and just peace in the country.

Before the conference, delegates will have the chance to join the

International Solidarity Mission

14 – 18 July 2013

ISM and conference 2013
Ranging from three to five days, Mission participants will visit actual sites:

  • Large-scale mining
  • Landgrabbing by foreign multinational companies
  • Strikes, other trade union struggles, and in worker communities
  • Forced evacuation and the plight of internal refugees due to militarization in the countryside
  • Forced eviction and relocation sites in the urban areas
  • Targeted areas of extensive political repression
  • Detention centers and prisons, meet with political prisoners

Your attendance in this conference and the International Solidarity Mission will be very valuable in strengthening international support to the Filipino people in their fight against the ever-worsening human rights violations and the Aquino government’s utter disregard for the people’s legitimate rights.

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