We grieve and we rage. Again.

On the death of Political Prisoner Eduardo Serrano:

Eduardo Serrano is a decent man. Eduardo Serrano is a principled man.

After all, Eduardo Serrano is an honorable political prisoner. Eduardo Serrano is a selfless, simple and humble human being who simply wanted to fight injustice, oppression and penury till his last breath.

He would have been freed a long time ago were it not for the cruelty and insensitivity of the dominant political and justice system that treated him as dispensable and nonexistent for the longest of time.

Ultimately and in a fundamental sense, the Philippine government is responsible. All our institutions have failed him and others whose lives are so cheap just like the baby daughter of Andrea Rosal or the hundreds of political prisoners who are sick or elderly or both.

After all, political prisoners who are written off by this callous government are not well-heeled, influential, famous nor powerful. Or running for office. They die with their pedestrian yet dignified boots on.

Will BS Aquino make time to visit the wake of someone he personally does not know but should know?

We will be the ones to visit Pnoy with cases even before he jumps into his vacation. There will be no rest for the truly wicked.

Edre U. Olalia
NUPL Secretary General
(Former counsel of Serrano)

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