Wage Hike for Private Sector Workers in Metro Manila, not enough to buy a kilo of rice – ICHRP

July 4, 2024
Press Release

The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines (ICHRP) condemns the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) in its recent Wage Order No. NCR-25 providing a P35 (USD 0.60) wage hike for private sector workers in the National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines. “The wage hike is not even enough to buy a kilo of rice,” said Peter Murphy, ICHRP Global Council Chairperson.

“The measly wage hike signed by the RTWPB is a grave insult to the hardworking workers who have chronically suffered from low wages amid skyrocketing prices of basic commodities in the country,” added Murphy. “A living wage for workers is a basic human right.”

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) announced that the wage hike will take effect on July 17, or 15 days after the publication of the wage order. This increases the daily minimum wage in the NCR from P610 (USD 10.37) to P645 (USD 10.96) for workers in the non-agriculture sector, and from P573 (USD 9.74) to P608 (USD 10.33) for workers in agriculture, service, and retail businesses employing 15 or fewer workers, and for manufacturing businesses regularly employing less than 10 workers.

“Not only is the P35 wage hike lower than the P40 wage hike previously implemented last year, it is also extremely inadequate in achieving a livable wage. The workers’ petition for a P1,207  minimum wage in the NCR was totally junked. This just proves that President Marcos Jr. is not sincere in uplifting the standard of living and welfare of Filipino workers,” continued Murphy.

“ICHRP supports the call of labor groups for the Philippine government to abolish the Regional Wage Boards and implement a law which will provide a national across-the-board minimum wage increase for all workers in the private sector. It calls on the Marcos Jr. administration to uphold and respect the socio-economic rights of the broad masses of Filipino workers”, concluded Murphy.

Further comment: Peter Murphy, ICHRP Chairperson. WhatsApp: +61 418312301. Email: [email protected].

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