Sunday, April 11, 2021

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    US-Aquino Regime Is Guilty!

    End Impunity! Justice For All Victims Of Human Right Violations In The Philippines!

    The numerous number of Filipino migrants In Rome joined the protests-actions of thousands of Filipinos and supporters all over the world, to call for truth, accountability and justice, in solidarity with the victims and witnesses, during the International Peoples Tribunal (IPT) in Washington D.C. last July16-18, 2015.

    According to the KARAPATAN Year End  Report on the Human Rights Situation in the Philippines, since Benigno Aquino III assumed Presidency in July 2010, the cases of extra-judicial killings 229, enforced disappearances 26, torture 106, rape 5, frustrated extra-judicial killing 225, illegal arrests and without detention 293, illegal arrests and detention 700, physical assault and injury 420, destruction of property 12,696, threat/harassment/intimidation 91,381, use of schools, medical, relegious and other public places for military purpose 149,134, restriction or violent dispersal of mass actions, public assemblies, and gatherings 27,129.

    In a speaking tour of Mrs Edith Burgos (the mother of missing Jonas Burgos in 2007)  In Rome last May 21 and 24, she said; “Buti pa ang may pamilyang namatayan, may pinaglalamayan, ako di ko alam kung nasaan ang anak ko, kung buhay pa sya o patay na (good for  a family who is mourning for their dead, while me, I don’t know Where my son is, if he is still alive or dead).”

    What Is happening in the Philippines is unacceptable! It Is a great crime against humanity!

    We will continue to expose, work  and support the call for a just and lasting peace in the Philippines, Enough of Aquino! said Buboy Salle, Chairman and Spokesperson of ICHRP Rome Chapter.

    Eng impunity! -- ICHRP Rome
    Eng impunity! — ICHRP Rome

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