US access to Philippine military bases presumptively unconstitutional — Legal experts

A lapdog pimping for its master

The¬†Philippine government’s reported offer of US access to local military bases under a new arrangement cloaked with pretenses of negotiations is presumptively unconstitutional.

If formalized into another onerous document, this plainly and virtually amounts to having¬†US bases right smack into the lapdog’s own dog house.

This is certainly another shameless circumvention and quickie fix over clear and categorical constitutional injunctions against foreign military troops, bases and facilities in the country. It will condone past, and inspire future transgressions of our sovereignty, contempt for our legal processes and jurisdiction, and a horrible gang rape of our natural resources and environment.

Under another euphemistic product brand of “Enhanced Defense Cooperation,” Philippine negotiators would let in a bigger, more vicious, far more rapacious bully masquerading as a benevolent savior to “protect” the country against an upstart, second-rate and trying hard bully.

Tell that to the Marines. US troops will be upgraded from covert operations, intelligence gathering and so-called “port calls” to practically overt combat, direct command & virtual basing.

As it seems to be a done deal from the start, this latest inanity is a fitting offertory by a drooling lapdog pimping for the master who will be coming to town with its roadshow circus.

Edre U. Olalia
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