URGENT APPEAL: Relief for 3000 families in fire-ravaged Manila community

Homes of more than 3000 families burned down in Parola Compound, Binondo, Manila. Let us join to them to demand to the Philippine Government for their welfare, housing, livelihood and immediate reliefOn March 2, 2015 between 5:00-6:00 in the evening, a huge fire broke out in Parola Compound, Area B, C and H. Firetrucks came but were not able to stop the fire. Homes of more than 3100 families (20000 people) were burned down.According to the victims, if only the government was prepared to rescue, their homes could be saved. There was no government presence during the incident. No government officials assisting them what and how to do or where to go. Even until the fire was out by dawn of March 3.

Parola is just few minutes away from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) or from Malacanang and the City Hall of Manila, yet food was only served a day after the incident.

To date, the government has only given P2000 financial assistance and a few food packs. The affected families said that such amount is really small, not enough to buy food, clothing and medicine or even materials to fix their homes.

On the 5th day after the fire, thousands of families are barely coping inside the evacuation centers. At Delpan Sports Complex, more than 1000 families are seeking refuge. Women, children and the old are sick and hungry.

Worst, the residents learned some information that they will not be allowed to come back to their former places and will be forcibly evacuated somewhere.

The community of Parola has long been a target for national government project in line with the Manila Bay Reclamation and the on going port privatization– a project pushed by foreign multi national corporations with their local partners in the Philippines.

The same kind of neglect and abandonement was experienced by millions of  people in Eastern Visayas.  The Parola people are also victims not only of fire but also victims of criminal neglect of the Aquino government.

Let us join the people of Parola in their demand to the Philippine Government to ensure their welfare, demand enough relief and financial assistance that will help the victims in restoring their homes and livelihood. Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap-Tondo and Manila with their local organizations in Parola are also appealing for any donations for the affected families.

Thank you very much.

Melona R. Daclan
Campaign Director
Defend Job Philippines
Mobile: +639267856299 and +639289069223
Website: www.defendjobphilippines.wordpress.com
www.demolitionwatch.wordpress.comDefend Job Philippines is a member of International Network for Economic Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR Network)

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