“The foreigners were alarmed by the Lumad people’s cry of their problems”


Response to the Manifesto of the NCIP Chieftains in San Miguel, Surigao Del Sur

The International Fact Finding Mission in Surigao del Sur last October 26-30, 2015 clearly did not violate any Lumad law. We from the organization of MAPASU, is very thankful that there are people from outside of the country concerned about our plight. “SIENI TAGA YAHI NU NASUD NABAYUAN TUNGOD TU PANGIYAK TU KAUTAWANG Lumad TU KANDAN NAALIMUOTAN” meaning “The foreigners are alarmed by the Lumad people’s cry of their problems”. This is the reason why they came here to look into the truth about the problem that has made us cry out. To our understanding, Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) is applicable only to acquire consent for mining, logging, dam and other projects encroaching into Lumad territory.

The participation of the organization MAPASU to the IFFM plainly showed that the activities of the IFFFM were consistent with the aspirations of the Lumad. MAPASU strongly criticize the manifesto made against the IFFM by Jimmy Guinsod, Rizal V. Maca and Rico Maca who are calling themselves legitimate leaders/chieftains.

They who have been calling themselves chieftains or Lumad leaders in the municipality of San Miguel did not undergo the tribal process of becoming chieftain because they do not come from nor is part of a Lumad community/territory, they do not reside in a Lumad community and they were not chosen by the people to lead the community. They live in the poblacion and in the offices of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), their cohorts in using the Lumad for their selfish interests. Jimmy, Rizal and Rico are not concerned with the good of the environment and the Lumad people; they are looking after their personal interests by using the name of the Lumad. They have become conduits for the entry of projects that destroy the environment like mining in the municipality of San Miguel. They call themselves chieftain based on the declaration of the NCIP. We believe that these people are partners of the criminal bandit paramilitary that call themselves Bagani/Magahat and the military itself because it is clear that they have the same principles and aspirations of destroying the unity of our people. There is no difference between what Jimmy Guinsod, Rizal Maca and Rico Maca are mouthing and what 402nd Brigade Commander Col. Isidro Purisima, the big liar, is saying.

MAPASU is clarifying that there is no need for conflict resolution among the Lumad because there is no conflict to settle. Dionel “Onel” Campos, Datu Juvello “Bello” Sinzo and Emerito “Sir Emok” Samarca were brutally killed by the executioners and criminal bandits at the command of the 75th IBPA under Col. Purisima of the 402nd Brigade.

The church people, nuns, priests, pastors and bishops from different religious denominations did not create havoc in our communities; they relate with us Lumad because we are part of the poor they serve and we are among those they have sworn to serve. The priests, nuns, pastors and bishops from different churches sincerely brought development and light to our lives. We consider them as grace sent by Magbabaya to help us during trying times. On the other hand, we consider the AFP, BAGANI/MAGAHAT, fake Lumad leaders as instruments of the DEVIL/SATAN that brought us darkness and misery.

The allegations in the manifesto made by the Lumad chieftains in San Miguel that TRIFPSS and ALCADEV wrought havoc to the tribe is a big lie. In the beginning, for a long time our communities were not given education by the government. Because of this situation we realized that what our tribe lacked was education and so we sent a request letter to the church people, particularly to Bishop Ireneo Amantillo, the Bishop of the Diocese of Tandag during that time, to help build us a school. The truth is that TRIFPSS and ALCADEV came to our communities because of our efforts. For us, TRIFPSS and ALCADEV were sent by Magbabaya to give us hope for the future of our tribe.

The Lumad people have adopted TRIFPSS and ALCADEV because they have become part of our lives, our partners in developing our economy, politics and culture. The curriculum is appropriate to our way of life, such that TRIFPSS and ALCADEV did not violate us Lumad, and above all, have not given the tribe trouble in any way, contrary to what the fake leaders have been saying.

The ordeal in our Lumad communities started when the bandit paramilitary armed by the AFP came to our communities. Our peaceful lives were disturbed when the military encamped in our communities. They have no respect!

To President Aquino, AFP and their puppet fake chieftains in San Miguel Jimmy, Rizal and Rico: do not muddle the issue. It is apparent that the reason for our evacuation to Tandag City is because of the brutal killing of our executive director Sir Emok, MAPASU chairman Onel and Datu Bello in front of the people and children. Why are you making up other versions of the story from the actual incident which hundreds of people witnessed? Our fears are but normal and we can still understand, we the evacuees in the sports complex. Our tribes are not in conflict. Why are you trying to make it appear that there is conflict? We want to go home at the soonest possible time but how can we go home when the AFP is occupying our communities and the bandit paramilitary armed by the AFP who are the criminals of the killing of the 3 are still free? Your heart and conscience are cruel! Is this because mining operations are set to start and the AFP is ensuring its implementation?


About the people who call themselves legitimate leaders in San Miguel:

Jimmy Guinsod, resides in Poblacion, San Miguel Surigao del Sur, became a barangay captain of Brgy. Bagyang, San Miguel in 2007 – 2010. He ran for reelection in 2010 but lost. He again ran for the Municipal Council in 2013 and approached TIPJUNGAN for help with his candidacy but lost. He campaigned for KATRIBU partylist. After the election, he became active with the organization SAMMICC (San Miguel Manobo Indigenous Communities Cooperative) organized by the NCIP and became its chairman. He became IPMR (Indigenous Peoples Municipal Representative) of San Miguel. During this time, he started vilifying TRIFPSS and TIPJUNGAN. He prevented the Lumad people in the community from sending their children to the school run by TRIFPSS. He finished his primary education at the TRIFPSS school in Bagyang.

Rico Maca, became an NCIP chieftain in San Miguel after secretly convincing and making other chieftains sign a document replacing Quirino “Datu Seboy” Gemao as municipal chieftain of San Miguel. Actively opposed TIPJUNGAN, actively opposed TRIFPSS schools. He was one of those presented by the AFP to the media last September at Camp Aguinaldo to exonerate the military from the Lianga killings. He was with the AFP during the Senate Inquiry in Tandag City last October 1-2, 2015.Rizal Ventura Maca, has a house in Catabadan in Brgy. San Roque but resides in Poblacion, San Miguel. He is a relative of Rico Maca. In 2007 he became the barangay captain of Brgy. Bitaugan. He is a businessman and buyer of falcatta.


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