THANK YOU from the family of James Balao

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Dear Friends,

Please find below a Thank You Letter from the family of James Balao, CPA founding member who fell victim of enforced disappearance on September 17, 2008. The family wishes to thank all who have been very supportive of the family and the campaign to surface James Balao. Please forward this letter to all who sent in postcards, and all who joined the Monday Demonstrations in Stuttgart, Get on the Bus campaign of Amnesty International-Minnesotta, and the protest actions in Madrid led by Amnesty International – Madrid.

Thank you!

Bestang Sarah Dekdeken
No. 55 Ferguson Road
Baguio City 2600, Philippines
Tel. No. (63) 74 304-4239
Fax No. (63) 74 443-7159


Our Dearest Friends,

We, the family of James Balao, are so overwhelmed that there are so many friends in the Netherlands and Germany who are personally sending us cards of hope and strength in finding our brother James. The cards of support are continuously pouring in. You have sent us hundreds and hundreds of cards and all of you have touched our hearts. We do not know how to thank each and everyone of you as there are so many. Through our friends in the Cordillera People’s Alliance, we deeply Thank You All. That out there, all the way across the globe from us; there are people, whom we don’t even know, who care.

The issue on enforced disappearance is very heavy upon us. We still haven’t found James. The enemy is too strong. It involves the high ranks in the Philippine government and military. We do not know when we will see him again. Though we feel that he is alive; and our hopes are up that one day he will come home to us and to his friends. We also hope and pray that he is well and sound. We also feel more hopeful and stronger in this difficult times because of the cards that all of you have sent to us.

For James’ Freedom,
We Thank You,

– The Balao family

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