Friday, December 4, 2020
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    Filipinos deserve real democracy Murray Horton: Filipinos deserve real democracy By Murray Horton Oct 19, 2012 Some of the most harrowing stories to come out of the February 22 Christchurch earthquake...

    Impeachment of the Chief Justice: Our Institutions on Trial

    Press Statement - As human rights advocates and as officers of the court, we support this constitutionally-mandated impeachment process to hold any one accountable,...

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    International human rights group laud conviction of Ampatuans

    The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines welcomes the recent verdict to convict 28 persons including three Ampatuan siblings principally charged for the death of 57 individuals, 32 of whom were journalists. The 28 will be facing 40 years of imprisonment while fifteen others were convicted with lesser jail time.

    Support the Filipino People’s Struggle, Not U.S. War

      On December 10th, Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesperson announced the President would lift martial law in Mindanao two years after its initial implementation. This is a...


    Statement of the High-Level Delegation of church, union, political, and foundation leaders on extreme human rights violations occurring in the Philippines 1. High Level Delegation  From...