Stop the criminalization of the Moro people’s struggle for right to self-determination — Moro-Christian People’s Alliance

PRESS STATEMENT  – The filing of criminal charges by the Armed Forces of the Philippines against MILF Commander Dan “Laksaw” Asnawi, 12 other MILF forces in Basilan and 300 John Does plainly expose how the Aquino government view and regard the Moro people’s struggle. The MILF, their leaders and members, is a revolutionary organization that espouses the legitimate aspirations of the Moro people.  It is neither a criminal syndicate nor a terrorist organization.

President Aquino’s commitment to pursue the GPH-MILF peace talks is hypocrisy at its height. His justice-cloaked war against the MILF in retaliation for the defeat of his military forces in Basilan is just but a peace posturing and outright deception. His rejection of calls for all-out war and the cancellation of the GPH-MILF peace talks at the height of the Al-Barka tragedy painted him as a peacemaker.  The public is made to believe that “all-out justice” is not all-out war. This ad-inspired military campaign against the MILF coined by his tourism secretary sells in the public psyche. It successfully conceals the militarist character of the Aquino administration.

The Moro-Christian People’s Alliance (MCPA), an interfaith rights group, however, believes that the people will see through this deception and will vigorously oppose Aquino’s “all-out justice” campaign. “All-out justice” proves to be too costly to the Moro people’s human rights, security and welfare.

Aquino will continue to harp on his commitment to the GPH-MILF peace talks. But for the Aquino administration, the peace talks is but a counterinsurgency strategy and a central piece of his human rights-coated national security plan, Oplan Bayanihan.  The filing of criminal charges against MILF forces is within the ambit of this counterinsurgency operation. It aims to negate the legitimate aspiration and struggles of the Moro people.  And justify heightened impunity against the Moro people by a presidential order.#


Moro-Christian People’s Alliance (MCPA)

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