Punish Palparan! End impunity under Aquino!


The International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines-Rome, Italy (ICHRP-Rome) joins the family and friends and human rights fighters in celebrating the recent arrest of war criminal retired general Jovito Palparan. Indeed, it was the unrelenting efforts of the families, friends and human rights fighters that led to the arrest of the fugitive war criminal.

Some of the families of the victims of Palparan’s barbaric but cowardly crimes have fled to Europe to escape Palparan’s and his AFP confreres’ murderous rampage.  Following the US “counterinsurgency” prescription of destroying the armed revolutionary movement, Palparan cowardly vented his ire for his failure to destroy the armed guerrilla movement on unarmed civilians – student activists, human rights workers, peasant leaders, etc  – whom he falsely accused of being members of the New People’s Army.

Many of the victims who were executed or disappeared by Palparan were bread winners whose families were deprived by Palparan not only of their life-support but of the very lives of their loved ones. Some have become migrant domestic workers in Europe.

We do not put much trust in the current administration’s justice system which continues to coddle human rights violators among its ranks and perpetrate the culture of impunity with the number of victims of extrajudicial killings increasing under the Aquino government.

We would rather rely on the continuous pressure of the human rights community, and the unrelenting efforts of the families of Palparan’s victims such as the families of Karen Empeno and Sherlyn Cadapan, and his other victims in Mindoro and Central Luzon, to seek justice and end impunity.

The families and friends of the victims of Palparan in Europe will continue to fight for justice until it is achieved with the eventual punishment not only of this coward war criminal Palparan, but also his handlers such as Gloria Arroyo, another war criminal, and their minions and hired thugs in the AFP.

We will bring the fight for justice in the international community, and call for an international war crimes tribunal, to include for prosecution not only the crimes of the previous administration under which Palparan served, but also the Aquino administration and its US-funded “Oplan Bayanihan”, which continues with the extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests and disappearances.

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