One Year of Anguish, Desperation, Abandonment: What does the future hold for Haiyan survivors?


It has been a year ago, on 08 November 2013, since Haiyan struck Eastern Visayas, It was the strongest typhoon on record to ever hit the Philippines.

In the city of Tacloban, almost nothing was left, only destroyed establishments and livelihood, wrecked houses and vehicles, and lifeless bodies, an estimate of 10,000 dead.                                     .

Survivors had to contend with cold and hunger — there was no food, no clean water. Facilities and medicines for the injured was so scarce that a lot more died even after the typhoon. “The Aquino government was very slow to respond, and the survivors were neglected and abandoned!” said by Sister Stella Matutina OSB of RMP and SAMIN, during a human rights forum last May in Rome.

Foreign aid for the Haiyan victims came from international communities, the British public alone gave £25 Million. Were these financial aid really distributed to the rightful recipients?

Philippine Congress has passed a P14.6 B (US$324 Million) supplemental budget for the survivors and the Aquino government has received a pledge of P24.9 B (US$553Million). Where are these funds now?

After one year of promised funds and new homes, the Yolanda survivors have received practically nothing from the Aquino government. Some may be fortunate to rebuild their homes and livelihood, but a great majority are still living in tents and sub-standard temporary shelters. They have no electricity, no sanitation facilities, no running water, and no hope of receiving aid from the Aquino government.

The Yolanda victims needed help a year ago and they still need help and our solidarity now!

On Sunday, November 9, 2014, in Rome, there will be a Tribute for Yolanda victims during the Cultural Night with Inter-ethnic group and Italian friends. This event is organized by the Metropolitan Council (Consiglio Metropolitano), in collaboration with other migrant groups, UMANGAT-Migrante and ICHRP Rome.

Buboy Salle
Spokesperson, ICHRP Rome
Cel: +39 329 3289652

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