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Justice for Jennifer Laude! US troops out of the Philippines and Asia Pacific!

We, the concerned group of migrants in Italy and the Arcobaleno Metropolitani calls for the Philippine government to take concrete move, by ensuring justice, assert sovereignty and demand custody of Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton of the United States Marine Corps, the main suspect in the October 12 murder of Jennifer Laude, a 26-year old transgender woman.
Pvt. Pemberton is in the country, together with 3,500 more US marines and navy, for a two-week military exercise under the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the US and Philippines.
Like Nicole and many more before her, Jennifer is another victim of the United States’ unending quest for military power in the country and the entire Asia Pacific and the Philippine government’s puppetry to imperialist power.

Arcobaleno Metropolitani is composed of concerned group of Italians, Umangat -Migrante Rome, Srilankans Liberation Front Rome and International Coalition for Human Rights and the Philippines ICHRP Rome Chapter.

For reference:
Buboy Salle                                 
Spokesperson, ICHRP Rome
+39 389 1352243

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