ICHRP Rome, migrant Filipinos, solidarity friends condemn burning of Lumad evacuation camp in Davao

We, concerned migrant Filipinos and the ICHRP Rome, strongly condemn the burning of the Lumad evacuation camp, at the UCCP Haran in Davao yesterday.

News from advocacy groups said that it happened around 2’oclock in the morning, while people were fast asleep. Five people, 4 of them minors, were reported injured, while two were brought to the hospital after being gravely burned.

Initial investigation revealed that the burning of the said Lumad Camp was intentional. The evacuation camp has served as a shelter and protest center for the Lumad since last year because of the ongoing militarization and attacks against the tribal communities.

We call on the authorities to take immediate action and concrete investigation, and for the international community to call the attention of the Philippine government and start serious move to put an end to this violence committed against the Lumad.

For reference:
Buboy Salle, Spokesperson
International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines
Rome Chapter
Email: [email protected]

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