Calls of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Delivered by:

Coni Ledesma

NDFP Peace Negotiating Panel member


  1. The NDFP calls on all friends and compatriots to support the Filipino people’s struggle for fundamental reforms. Support the movement for social, economic, political and constitutional reforms in order to achieve a just and lasting peace. Social and economic reforms, especially a land reform program of free distribution of land for the landless; a national industrialization program where the natural resources of the country will be used for the benefit of the Filipino people, and the implementation of social programs like health care, education and housing for everyone. This is what a just and lasting peace will mean for the Filipino people.


  1. We call on our friends and compatriots to continue the campaign to stop the US-instigated counterinsurgency Oplan Kapayapaan.

Stop Duterte’s dirty war against the Filipino people and the progressive and revolutionary forces!

Continue the campaign to stop Extra Judicial Killings and continue to demand justice for all the victims of EJK’s.  The anger of the people against the killing of Kian Lloyd should bring about a growing national and international mass movement against EJK’s.


  1. We also call on our friends and compatriots to continue to call for the resumption of peace talks.  The current problems in the Philippines can be discussed on the negotiating table even while the civil war continues.  The important thing is the political will to bring about a just and lasting peace.

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